In recent years, running has made its way into many people’s lives. This sport comes with many benefits, both mental and physical and it offers one great advantage: you can do it whenever and wherever you want. Whether in the countryside, in a park, on the track, in the city, or at the gym, your options are almost endless.

Running being a sport, there are a certain number of recommendations that you should take into account to avoid any problem. The gear you run with, the position of your body in motion and, more importantly, wearing the right footwear, are all key factors to prevent injuries. And the latter is exactly what we want to talk to you about: trainers.

Key Facts

  • You must always run with proper trainers.
  • We identify three types of running shoes according to the terrain: asphalt, trail and track.
  • Your stride tread is a determining factor to get the right running shoes. Are you a pronator, a supinator or a neutral runner? This is the key.

Ranking: The best trainers in the market

Let’s have a look at the very best trainers available on the Australian market. We’ve designed this section to help you find which is the ideal model for you or your loved ones. While you assess your needs, you’ll also be able to choose the design, shock absorption and colour you want.

No. 1: Adidas Duramo Lite 2.0 (Men)

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Buying any sportswear from the “three stripes company” is a guarantee of success, and it’s no different for the Adidas Duramo line. The arch support of these trainers is designed for neutral runners, and they are ideal for combined training. While they are designed for road running, you won’t have any problem using them in the gym.

Past purchasers have particularly appreciated the value for money and comfort these shoes provided. Please bear in mind that some have recommended ordering half to a size more due to small sizing. Available in five different colour sets, the Duramo Lite 2.0 are also perfect if you like to wear comfortable shoes every day.

No. 2: Nike Free RN (Women)

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We think it would be hard to have a list of the best trainers available on the market without at least one Nike model in there. That the American company is the world leader in sportswear should be enough to give you an idea of the quality of their products, and the Free RN are no different. They are scientifically designed for running.

From their innovative sole that confers greater flexibility while running, to their Flywire cables that help stabilise your foot, they are perfect for jogging and more intense training. Just have a look at their reviews. Available in four different colours, their stylish design makes them great for everyday wear too.

No. 3: NewDenBer Lightweight Cross Trainers (Men)

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Sure, this isn’t the most well-known brand out there, but we think it hasn’t become Amazon’s Choice in the category for nothing. Their incredibly affordable price and great customer reviews probably have something to do with this, so it might just be your best option if you have a tighter budget and still want shoes that will provide you with comfort and safety.

Designed for cross-training and all-terrain running, they are equipped with a Flex Groove EVA MD sole for greater traction and stability. The mesh fabric they are made with offers quick drying and means that these trainers are extremely lightweight.

No. 4: Asics Frequent Trail (Women)

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Japanese sports footwear and equipment company Asics is yet another giant in the industry, and they have proven time and time again that their products were of the highest quality. The Frequent Trail line is – you’ll have guessed from the name – designed for all-terrain running. The trail-specific outsole provides greater traction on slopes.

Their high arches make these trainers most suitable for supinated runners, and their breathability means you can wear them for hours at a time. Past customers have even noted that these resistant shoes were great if you have an active job. They come in six different colours sets to match your style.

No. 5: Salomon Sense Escape Trail (Men)

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70-year-old French company Salomon is distributed in over 160 countries worldwide, and it specialises in sportswear and footwear for tough conditions. That means you’ll be able to comfortably use and abuse your Sense Escape trainers on the hardest trails you know.

The arch support is designed for neutral runners, with a semi-curved shape to better adapt to the foot’s natural curve. The durable Contragrip outsole provides adequate traction on both dry and wet surfaces, while the layered mesh upper stops debris from entering and offers greater breathability for your long runs.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about trainers

When it comes to running shoes, you’ll find endless options on the market. This affordable product is fundamental if you want to run more comfortably. However, there are many different levels and variations within the sport, and this is the reason why we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions in the following section.


Running has many benefits for your health.(Source: Ammentorp: 50988703/

What are trainers exactly?

They are a key component of your training, and you can suffer serious injuries if you fail to wear appropriate footwear. We recommend wearing comfortable and flexible shoes with proper shock absorption in order to avoid knee, back and calf problems.


Here’s our little trick for you to know if the shoes you want to buy are adequate for running or not: bend them from the toe to the heel. Hard, thick materials will prevent you from easily doing so, in which case we suggest you keep looking.

What types of trainers are available out there?

As we mentioned before, there are three main types: asphalt, trail and track. In the table below, we’ve exposed the biggest differences between the three, so pay attention!

Type Asphalt Trail Track
Use Running on the road Running in the countryside Running on an athletics track
Features They have a flat sole and are well cushioned. They are comfortable. The sole is slightly elevated and the heels offer better grip. They are not as comfortable. Their spikes are designed specifically for tracks. They are most useful for track-and-field competitions.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of running?

Sport is always good for both your physical and mental health, and sports like running are the perfect choice if you’re looking to burn calories and stay in shape. While it offers many benefits, this sport also presents some drawbacks that you should be aware of.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of running:

Advantages Disadvantages
Requires little economic investment. May increase the risk of hip pain or arthritis.
You release endorphins. It can lower iron and calcium levels, especially in women.
Acts against cellulite. Can cause tendinitis.
Tones your legs and buttocks. Can discourage you if you practise without prior physical preparation.
Reduces the risk of conditions such as osteoporosis or hypertension.

What should I bear in mind before starting running?

A common cause for running is wanting to lose weight, but you shouldn’t get into it without a few tips. Alejandro Cárcano, triathlon specialist and trainer, says that “the ideal is to start with 40-minute walks, four times a week until you lose enough weight”.

Before you start training, you should ideally “have a cardiac stress test, a stride test and consult a nutritionist to make sure you’re at the appropriate weight,” says Cárcano.

Alejandro CárcanoTrainer & Triathlon Specialist

“It’s always important to have a weight and abdominal routine to tone up. This is essential to avoid injuries.”

What should I bear in mind during training?

Any sport has a et of guidelines to follow for effective training, and running isn’t any different. The list below contains key factors to consider once you’ve started running. Pay attention, they can help you achieve your goals!


You can find trainers with bright, modern colours.(Source: Decoret: 32446098/

  • Weight control: You shouldn’t simply take care of yourself during your actual trainings. Combining exercise with a balanced diet is your best bet to lose the weight you want. If you’re overweight and have never run before, we recommend you start with an elliptical trainer or stationary cycling. Running will be easier after that.
  • Quality material: Running is one of the most affordable sports, and all you’ll need are some tights and a breathable T-shirt. You’ll also need the right footwear to match your weight and stride, and we suggest you get advice in a specialist shop.
  • Progression: Don’t start by running too much. The ideal beginner’s training is a combination of running with light jogging or active walking. You can for example start by running one minute and walking three. Progressive training will help you be more consistent and motivated to reach our goals.
  • Adaptation: Running can usually feel uncomfortable at the beginning, and the impacts with the ground may even be unpleasant. The key to enjoying running is definitely patience: you’ll quickly adapt to it and make it an integral part of your life.

What are the most common running mistakes?

Now that you know all about the key aspects to an effective and fulfilling training, let’s have a look at the most common mistakes made by beginners. Take note so that you can avoid them if you’re starting with running. Being aware of them will help you prevent potential injuries and postural problems.

Mistake Solution
Head down The best way is to align your head with your spine.
Contracted shoulders Relax them, your lower body should do most of the work.
Dropping your hips Keep them up and aligned with your centre of gravity.
No strength training You should work out your “running” muscles to prevent injuries.

What should I consider when running at night?

You might only have time to get some running in after the sun goes down. There’s no wrong time to stay fit, especially when your obligations prevent you from working out during the day. However, there are a few rules to keep in mind for successful nighttime runs if you’ve never done it before. Here we go!

  • Weather-adapted gear: Picking the right clothes for your runs isn’t always simple. You might feel like you’re wearing too much, or not enough. This is why you should know what temperatures you’ll be running in, as well as the weather conditions – don’t get caught by night showers.
  • Run against the traffic: This is essential so that you can see and be seen. Runners, walker or other joggers should always go against the traffic flow whenever there is no sidewalk. This is particularly important at night when our visibility is greatly reduced.
  • Safety: The sun goes down earlier during autumn and winter. You should try to be clearly visible for vehicles or other pedestrians. LED bands or sportswear with reflective stripes are perfect for this, while clothing with neon or very striking colours are also helpful.

Shopping Criteria

The market of sportswear and gear in general has an incredible variety of brand and models, which can be seen as a blessing or a curse. In the section below, we’ve detailed key factors to consider if you want to buy the perfect fit for your foot.

  • Stride
  • Weight
  • Age
  • Type of running you practise
  • Type of terrain


Knowing which type of stride you have is the first thing you should find out when you start running, long before you even consider signing up for your first race. This may not be something you’ll think about on your own, but studying your footprint is essential in getting the right shoes that will protect you from potential injuries.

Type of stride Description
Pronated Your foot rolls inward.
Supinated Your foot rolls outward.
Neutral Your ankles and feet do not tend to roll either way. They are perfectly aligned with the ground.


Remember that a heavier body weight means that greater shock absorption is required. The 85-kilo mark is the dividing line when it comes to trainers, but beware! Needing more shock absorption doesn’t mean that you have to opt for softer soles; as a matter of fact, more weight combined with the impact of the stride will lead the sole to deform quicker.


Our feet also deform more easily as we age, while our skin becomes more sensitive and prone to blistering. Before you decide on a new pair of trainers, look at its different seams and think about the potential folds an creases they might cause.

Type of running you practise

Capable of absorbing a larger number of impacts, race and competition shoes are designed to work longitudinally. On the other hand, trainers built for combined workouts – running and jumps – will provide greater absorption of large impacts while stabilising your foot.

Finally, running exercises with many changes in direction will required specific soles and a shape that offers a tighter fit in your shoes.


Trainers will help you get better. (Source: Jackson: 27252201/

Type of terrain

The last key factor you should keep in mind is the terrain on which you plan to run. Running in the mountains – on earth or in shallow waters – definitely isn’t the same as running on the road, on tartan or on grass. You’ll find models tailored for all types of terrain, made from different materials and featuring distinct soles.


Running is the new trend, partly because this activity is both simple to practise and affordable. You just need the right pair of trainers. This very addictive sport will give you satisfaction and motivation in your life; however, it can also lead to serious injuries if you fail to use appropriate footwear.

We’re sure you know by now that trainers are you best friend if you’re a running enthusiast. This is why it is absolutely essential for you to have the most suitable running shoes. You’ll be more comfortable and prevent injuries during all your training sessions.

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