If you are in the market for a pair of in-line skates – maybe because you want to try it out as a hobby, or to help you get fit – this article will help you choose the right ones by covering all the essential information you should know about these items.

Firstly it is important to find skates that are made of the right material. There is no such thing as “ best skates”, but it is important to find those most appropriate for your level. Next, we will recommend the best skates to roll around the city depending on your movements and technique.

Key facts

  • Rollerblades are more than just eight wheels under than your feet. They need to be able to support your feet and your ankles and fit comfortably while maintaining fluid movement and accurately responding to your movements.
  • When buying roller blades, the size on the label is less important than how it feels while skating.
  • Es muy importante llevar protecciones cuando vayas a patinar: casco, rodilleras y coderas. ¡Tu seguridad es fundamental!

Ranking: The best roller blades on the Australian market

Below we will show you the five best roller blades which are currently available.  Whether you are looking to take up skating as a hobby, get fit while having fun or be able to zip around the city, be sure to examine each product’s characteristics to make sure they’ll meet your needs.

No. 1: Rollerblade Zetrablade Men’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate

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This is great entry-level roller blade perfectly suited for beginner and casual skaters. It is also a budget-friendly skate offering some great features for a reasonable price, including a high cuff which gives extra support and an extra padding in the training liner.

This skate delivers a supportive, comfortable and smooth ride. The padded performance liner makes a comfortable ride, while a closure system adds to the overall fit and elevates the feel of this entry level skate. Additionally its durable, monocoque frame is integrated with the shell for a lower center of gravity to enhance stability, balance and control which are crucial for beginners.

No. 2: Zetrablade Women’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate

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These performance roller blades are engineered for high performance and perfect for women looking to use inline skates to get fit. These are entry-level skates which have solid support and a great level of comfort for the price. The Zetrablade helps create a positive first experience making learning easier and more comfortable.

The wheel/bearing mix are ideal for skating with very controllable speeds and response. In addition, as you become more advanced, the wheels can be upgraded to a higher performing 80mm wheel for a faster ride. The secure closure system helps lock the heels and ankles in for a great fit and the frame is integrated with the shell to be as low as possible to lower the centre of gravity which is a true benefit for beginners.

No. 3: Rollerblade Men’s Spark 80ALU Skate

[amazon box=”07315000T83″ description_items=”0″]

This is a genuine, original Rollerblade brand inline skate so you can be assured of it quality. Rollerblade created modern inline skates in 1980 and continues to be the world leader. It is also at a great price for a quality fitness skate.

This model has a aluminium frame, making it light, durable and easy to maneouvre. It is made with high precision SG5 long lasting outdoor bearings for great performance.

No. 4: 2PM SPORTS Vinal Kids Adjustable Inline Skates

[amazon box=”B07MFQKQJQ” description_items=”0″]

A great roller blade for kids, this fun and colourful model comes in a violet and magenta design with rainbow coloured, light-up wheels with flashing lights. Your kids will love the smooth and safe ride thanks to the roller blades’ reinforced aluminium frame, 82A polyurethane wheels and high quality ABEC-7 bearings.

These skates come in four sizes, small, medium, large and young adult. Their triple closure system includes Cam lever buckles, velcro strap and laces. An easy system to get in and out of the skate quickly and nicely, which your child will be able to do themselves.

No. 5: Scale Sports Kids Adjustable Inline Roller Blade Skates

[amazon box=”B07K3N27GW” description_items=”0″]

An affordable choice for kids, these children’s roller blades come in a range of bright colours and illuminating front wheels, making skating extra fun.

They are durable and hardy, so ready to survive the roughest treatment from your child and suitable for any outdoor environment. The hard boot protects the foot from injury whicle its soft porous liner makes for a comfortable ride.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about roller blades

If you have decided to start skating you will discover that, as in any sport, there are many details to finding the perfect equipment.  We will try to guide you in the purchase and give you some tips that will help you when buying new skates. In addition, we answer the most common questions people have about roller blades.

Roller blades have various essential features: the boot, the guide and the wheels.
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What are roller blades exactly?

Roller blades are used for skating. A roller blade is an adjustable platform fixed to a boot, mounted on wheels or on a sheet of metal with an edge depending on whether it is intended for use on a hard and smooth surface or on ice. In some cases, they incorporate a rubber block to stop the skate, which is located after the last wheel.

What components does a roller blade have?

An in-line skate has five fundamental parts: A boot, a guide and wheels. Each of these has certain characteristics dependent on the type of skate although there are some common features. Below we describe each part of a skate so that you can know everything you need to know about these handy items.

Part Characteristics
Boot Generally high in order to give support to the ankle and usually have a joint to allow the ankle to flex.
Booty The part inside the boot to make it more soft and comfortable as well as being removable for easy washing.
Sole Made from carbon fibre or a range of plastics.
Guide or chassis This is the part of the skate which joins the wheels to the boot, can weigh between 160 and 220 grams and be between 230 and 325mm long.
Wheels The bigger they are they more speed they allow. Hard wheels are faster and more durable.
Cuffs This is the part of the skate which gives the most support.

What protective gear should you wear when roller blading?

There are a number of protective items you can waer while roller blading, including wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads and a helmet. The riskier your skating, the more protection you should be wearing.  For a slow skater it will be enough to protect yourself with just wrist bands. If you are going to be performing jumps you will need a helmet as well.

There are different types of roller blades, each with their own qualities and characteristics.
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What types of roller blades are there?

There are different types of roller blades, each with  different characteristics linked to different disciplines in skating: Fitness, free skate, freestyle slalom, aggressive, artistic, hockey, downhill, speed, off-road. In the following sections we will cover the characteristics of each.

Type Characteristics
Fitness Intended for basic skating
Freeskate Recomended for learning technique and for training in discliplines such as tricks, jumps, slalom and hockey
Slalom Designed specifically for slalom
Aggressive More robust and heavy. Will withstand falls
Artistic Although it is usually done with traditional skates, there is also figure skating with roller blades
Hockey For playing hockey, designed for grip, sharp turns and speed changes
Descent Suited to high speeds. Have 5 wheels and a higher boot
All-terrain Have pneumatic wheels and can be used on any kind of surface (grass, dirt or asphalt)

How should you look after roller blades?

To take care of skates, you will need some time and the necessary materials for cleaning and maintenance. It’s important to keep your skates clean and the best way to clean your skates is with a wet cloth, soap and water. This technique can be used for boots,  guides and wheels.

If you want to wash the coverings in the washing machine, our advice is to first place them in a bag or a pillowcase before putting them in the washing machine. It recommended though to wash them by hand in cold water. When the coverings have dried, apply a disinfectant spray. It is further advisable to remove the wheels from the guides to clean both sides.

What is my size for roller blades?

It is important to choose the right size. The best is to try them to see if the size is correct and you feel comfortable. You can also measure your foot and add between 0.5 cm and 1 cm to make sure you get the correct size.

How do you choose roller blades for kids?

According to the Official Online Skating School of Barcelona, it is recommended that “children start skating at 4 years old.” Even though there are children who are 3 years old and nimble enough to start skating, their bone structure and coordination are not developed enough in most cases to start skating.

Most brands of roller blades have adjustable children’s skates that can go up by three or four sizes. In this way, the skate can be made bigger as the child grows and parents would not have to buy new skates all the time.

Are there different roller blades for men and women?

You can find rollerblades for adult men and women because, apart from aesthetics, the skates are designed to fit the male or the female foot.

For  example,  roller blades for women offer a slightly tighter fit and a shorter sleeve.  Skates for men in turn have a wider boot shape to fit the male foot better.

On the other hand, models for men have a wider foot and are designed for the particular physical charateristics of men.

Shopping criteria

Currently, there is a huge variety of brands and models available. This can be an opportunity or a disadvantage, which is why it is important to educate yourself on the key features and factors. These are some of the factors that should be considered to make sure you buy the best ones.

    • Type of skating
    • Level of skater
    • Materials
    • Interior lining
    • Sleeves
    • Fastening
    • Frames
    • Wheels
    • Fixings
    • Brakes

Type of skating

There are different types of skating each requiring a different type of skate. The most popular forms of skating are fitness, racing, recreation and urban. This is the first port of call when deciding what skates to buy.

Level of skater

The level of the skater who will be wearing the roller blades is another important factor to consider. There are beginners, intermediate, intermediate-advanced and advanced skaters. Beginner skates have smaller wheels and smaller brackets. As the level goes up, the skates change to adapt to the particular needs of each level of skater.

The key difference between professional skates and those for beginners is that they have smaller wheels and smaller supports.
(Source: Michael prewett: 131916/ unsplash.com)


One of the characteristics that we must take into account when buying our first roller blades is the type of material used in its manufacture. Various materials or combinations of them are used, mainly plastic, leather and carbon fibre.

Interior lining

The linings of the roller blades are very important and should not be forgotten. If the lining  does not fit well, it will give you little security when it comes to roller blading. Below we’ll explain the characteristics of  each.

Type Characteristics
Standard Made from foam and have a lot of cushioning
Auto-Fit Have gel cushions and autoadjust to the foot
Memory Fit The gel used in manufacture adjusts to the shape of the foot
Heat malleable Adapts to the foot, changing shape with heat and only available at speciality stores


The quality of the roller blades’ sleeves determines the amount of power available to the skater. They also allow for longer skating sessions.  There are two types of sleeves: plastic and carbon. Below we’ll explain the differences between each.

Type Characteristics
Standard Made from foam and have a lot of cushioning
Auto-Fit Have gel cushions and autoadjust to the foot
Memory Fit The gel used in manufacture adjusts to the shape of the foot
Heat malleable Adapts to the foot, changing shape with heat and only available at speciality stores
Plastico Usually found in beginner skates. Durable and resistant
Carbon Used on speed and road roller blading


There are different types of closure and only you can choose between  cord, buckle, Velcro, fast lace and boa. Let’s take a look at what each one consists of.

Type Characteristics Advantages
Standard Laces The original closure system for roller blades Fit better around the ankle
Buckle Usually go with lacing closure systems Are more comfortable when lacing them up
Velcro Easy to close Help to keep the ankle in the correct position
Quick lacing Has a small strap which is tied around the boot Are more comfortable to fasten
Boa A small wheel which fastens or loosens the skate by turning it Gives a uniform fit across the boot


The sturdiness of a skate’s frame is one of the  most important characteristics to consider. The frame is what generates the power of the skate and sturdy skates create more momentum. Frames can be manufactured from plastic, aluminium or carbon.

Type Weight Price
Plastic Tend to weigh more, which makes the skate heavier Are cheaper
Aluminium Are lighter Are more expensive
Carbon Are light and resistant Used by professional skaters


Older skates almost all had plastic wheels. Now they are made of polyurethane, a very durable type of rubber capable of offering an excellent grip. Others combine polyurethane with butadiene to improve rebound. These are the highest quality but also the most expensive. Depending on the style of skating that you want to do, you must also look at the size and the durability of the wheels.

Type of skating Hardness Diameter
Beginner fitness 80-85 A 72-80 mm
Advanced fitness 80-90 A 80-90 mm
Hockey 74-78 A 72-76 mm
Speed 83-110 A 90- 110 mm
Aggressive 84-95 A 47-64 mm
Freestyle 80-88 A 72-80 mm


Fixings determine the speed at which you will be able to skate and how good your technique will develop. The function of fixings is to reduce the friction caused by the wheels turning. They are usually the same in all the skates, so you can use your own comfort to determine which of these are the best.


Although there are ways to reduce speed gradually, the brake is the most important part of skate safety, especially for beginners. Standard beginner skates come with a brake, although there are some models that do not have them as a standard feature.

Type Characteristics
Brakes for free skating They have a larger surface and are adjustable for height, made from natural rubber and elastomer.
Brakes for beginner skates They have a conical shape, are made of injected polyurethane and are not height adjustable. Not designed for jumps, only to slow you down while learning.


Roller blades have many advantages whether as a hobby, for fitness or to get around. It is advisable to start with a simple type of roller blading, like fitness skating and once your skill has increased to move on to more complicated disciplines.

Once you have learned to slide, turn, brake, change direction and skate backwards you can choose to pursue other styles with roller blades. It is normal to have doubts when buying roller blades. The economic skates that we have presented to you in this article have enough quality to satisfy the beginner skater.

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