Travelling by bicycle is a healthy and efficient option, as well as an economic, ecological and beneficial means of transport for your health. If this wasn’t enough to convince you, getting around on a bike saves you significant time by avoiding traffic jams in big cities.

However bicycles are not just for commuting around big cities. Mountain bikes (also known as mountain bicycles or MTB) are all-terrain bicycles that are designed for use on small trails, crossing forests or navigating rocky terrain. Thanks to their great versatility and multi-purpose uses, they are among the best-selling products today.

Key Facts

  • Within the MTB market there are many different models. The first decision you must make if you decide to buy a mountain bike is the model of mountain bike. The most popular model is the all-terrain mountain bike.
  • One of the most common mistakes when buying your first MTB is choosing the wrong size of bike. This error will make your first mountain bike experience very unsatisfactory. If the bike is too big or too small you will not be comfortable nor will you be able handle the bike well.
  • If this purchase is your first mountain bike, it’s best not to buy anything too complex or advanced. It is important to check what components the bike has, so that you make a purchase that will offer you great value-for-money.

Ranking: The best mountain bikes on the Australian market

We have produced a list of the best mountain bikes on the Australian market so that you can find a bike that is perfect for you. With these options, you can pick a bike that best suits you depending on the characteristics such as size, type of seat, brakes, frame, suspension or components.

No. 1: Trinx C200 Mountain Bike

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Created in 1990, Trinity is a comprehensive enterprise group engaging in the development, production and distribution of complete bicycles and bicycle components. They are well renowned for making quality bicycles at affordable prices. The Trinx C200 mountain bike features a 27.5″ alloy aluminium rim that is suitable for cross terrain and downhill riding.

This mountain bike is available in 2 frame sizes; 17″ for riders with a height of 165-180cm and 19″ for those riders who are between 180-190cm tall. This bike comes with 21 speeds and alloy mechanical disc brakes.

No. 2: BEIOU Carbon Fibre Mountain Bike

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BEIOU is a Chinese company that specialises in the design and manufacturing of carbon fibre sports products and has over 15 years of experience. Available in 5 different colours; green, orange, red, white and yellow, this carbon fibre mountain bike is available in frame sizes 15″,17″ and 19″. Being built with a carbon fibre frame, handle bars and seat post, this mountain bike weights a mere 10.8 kg, making it one of the lightest bikes on the market.

Being one of the more expensive mountain bikes on Amazon Australia, with the BEIOU mountain bike, you will get what you pay for and be rewarded with a quality bicycle. The wheel size of this bike is 26″ which makes it ideal for those learning to mountain bike as the smaller wheel is more manageable.

No. 3: 26″ GUNSROSE G5.0 Mountain Bike

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Are you looking for an Australian designed and produced mountain bike? The Gunsrose 26″ mountain bike is manufactured in western Sydney and this company ensures you receive a top quality, Australian made product. This mountain bike comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and features original Japanese Shimano gears.

This mountain bike is a great entry-level mountain bike and would perfectly suit anyone looking to get into mountain biking or someone who would like to ride from time-to-time. Available in 4 different colours; white, blue, orange and grey, this mountain bike also comes with a free accessories kit when you buy it on Amazon Australia.

No. 4: DMR SLED GX Eagle Mountain Bike

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This is a mountain bike that is on the high-end of the market in comparison to the other products recommended on our list. The DMR Sled is a 27.5″ all-mountain bike that features a design that is tailor-made to descend with ease as well as a suspension and frame design that still allows for efficient climbing.

The DMR Sled contains extra strength only where required and a light frame that will allow for the most epic adventures with your friends. This bike come in 2 sizes; small and large and a price tag of nearly $5,000, which means its a bike for those who are serious about mountain biking.

No. 5: Student Bicycle Single Speed Mountain Bike

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If you are searching for a mountain bike for your son or daughter, this could be the ideal product for you. This single speed bike is designed for both boys and girls who are learning to ride for the first time. This bike can be bought in a frame size of 16″ or 18″ and features strong handlebars, non-slip pedals and a safe and sensitive brake system. Available in blue, red and green, this mountain bike could be the perfect present for your child if they are interested in learning how to ride a bike or starting to mountain bike.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about mountain bikes

Mountain bikes are becoming more and more popular for those who live in cities as well as those in the country. If you would like to buy a bike to ride to work or to simply spend fun days in the countryside, here at Fit For Beach, we will help find the bike that best suits your needs. Read our detailed article and follow our recommendations so that you can make a successful purchase.

One of the biggest mistakes made when buying your first MTB is choosing the wrong size.
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What is a mountain bike and what is it for?

Mountain bikes were first seen in the 70s in the United States as bikes for recreational purposes. Since the first models, mountain bikes have evolved significantly to suit different uses and needs. This is why it is often very confusing to choose the right MTB, because there are multiple factors to consider, such as the type of suspension or the size of the wheels.


Did you know that 55% of Australian households have at least one bicycle in working order? Besides being healthy and beneficial for your body, cycling is entertaining and fun.

What are the different types of suspension?

It is possible find mountain bikes with many different types of suspension, from those with front suspension (rigid or semi-rigid) to those with full suspension (also known as double suspension). Choosing one suspension over another generally depends on where you are going to ride the bike. Below we will tell you more about the different types of suspension.

Type of suspension Characteristics Price Weight
Rigid or semi-rigid No suspension. They are not advisable for rocky sections or long rides Cheaper because they are simple to manufacture Light
Double suspension Provides a more comfortable riding experience. More effort is required when riding uphill due to the extra weight More expensive Heavier

What wheels to choose when buying a mountain bike?

The smaller wheels (27.5″) will give you more acceleration because they are lighter however they are less suitable for riding long distances. Larger wheels (29″) are more stable, which is better for uneven terrain and they allow you to travel further with each pedal stroke.

Mountain bikes became common in the 1970s in the United States.
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What should I be aware of before starting mountain biking?

If you are unsure whether mountain biking is your thing or not, the following section is going to be interesting for you. We are going to help you understand the aspects that take months of learning to clearly set your expectations and to help you will save on unnecessary expenses. Read the following tips carefully and keep them in mind before you start mountain biking.

  • Stay clear of bargains: Beware of ridiculously cheap prices (below 50 dollars). It is preferable to buy a more expensive mountain bicycle to have a strong and reliable bike rather than a cheap, fragile bicycle.
  • Physical fitness: It is important to be consistent when practicing this sport so that you build up your physical fitness. The ideal way when riding uphill is to start climbing at a gentle pace and increase the intensity halfway up the route.
  • Little by little: At the beginning it is normal that you want to ride your bike everyday without resting. However, it is better start slowly and gradually ride everyday.
  • Listen to your mates: Mountain biking is a sport that is more fun when accompanied with friends. Listen and learn from your friends who have more experience than you.
  • Hydration: It is very important to stay well hydrated when mountain biking.
  • Take care of your gears: When changing gears, reduce the pressure on the pedals while the chain is changing. This will guarantee a longer life for your crank shaft.
  • Relax: It is common for new riders to be very tense and hold the handlebars extremely tight. Breathe deeply and let your energy flow without fear.

What types of mountain bikes are there?

When thinking about cars, there are many differences between a hatchback and a 4WD. It’s the same with mountain bikes, there are so many differences between the models. The common use is that they are all designed to be ridden on unpaved terrain, however each type of mountain bike is designed with a specific use in mind. The following table will explain this further.

Bike type Characteristics
Trail (or All Mountain) Used to ride on unpaved stretches (forest tracks, dirt roads and mountain trails) and are aimed at recreational users. They are ideal for beginners looking to ride at slow speeds
Downhill Used to descend at full speed on trails or down stairs. They can be made with double or single suspension, are strong bikes and are designed to withstand falls and blows
Cross Country (also known as XC) Suitable for crossing mountain sections at high speed. These mountain bikes are used to compete in the Olympic Games, the X-Games and professional races
Enduro Mountain bicycles that are designed to go up and down hills. They are for routes that pass along mountain roads or wider tracks with some jumps

What material are mountain bikes made of?

It is not only professional racing bikes that are made with the best components available as entry-level bikes are also built using high quality materials. Thanks to progressive innovation in mountain bike design, MTBs have suspensions, brakes and gears that are light, resistant and durable at very competitive prices. Here’s the materials that all the components of a mountain bike can be made of.

Material Feature
Steel The lowest price material and the pioneer in mountain bike design
Aluminum Lighter than steel, but less resistant. Aluminium absorbs impacts very well
Titanium One of the lightest materials, although more expensive.
Its main characteristic is its elasticity/adaptability.
Due to its high price, few brands use titanium for the frames of their mountain bikes
Carbon fibre Absorbs the vibrations of the ground very well.
More flexible than all other materials however the weakest material

What is the most important part of a mountain bike?

Without a doubt, the most important part of a mountain bike is the chassis or frame. The frame is the largest component of a bike and holds everything together. The frame can be made of different materials, as described below.

Frame material Advantages Disadvantages
Steel Very affordable and simple material for manufacturing Steel is less resistant than other materials
Carbon fibre It is a high quality material that is extremely light and absorbs vibrations well Very fragile in case of falls or large impacts. Expensive material
Titanium It is the lightest and strongest material of the four. Used in professional mountain bikes The most expensive
Aluminium It is as strong as steel yet lighter On bumpy roads, the rigidity of the material can be uncomfortable

What MTB suits each different style of mountain biking?

As there are many different ways to go mountain biking, there are also different mountain bikes that suit each form of practice. This means that the use of each bike depends on the type of mountain biking you plan of doing. Below we explain what types of mountain bikes exist and what the specialities are of each.

Riding style Type of bike
Free riding The bike should be light, manageable and resistant. The bike does not necessarily need to support long distances
Urban fixed speed riding These are bicycles with a fixed gear and the speed depends on how hard you pedal. People that are in excellent physical shape can ride these bikes
Downhill riding Specialised mountain bikes for safe descents. They are heavy and reinforced bicycles because the terrain is usually rocky and uneven

What is the best mountain bike to start with?

More and more people are starting to practice mountain biking. If you are also thinking about starting this sport, the first step is to go out and buy a bike. Experts usually recommend that a mountain bike with front suspension is suitable for beginners. Below we tell you why:

  • They’re cheaper: Price is an important factor as you don’t know whether or not you’ll like this sport. With price in mind it is recommended to make a smaller investment.
  • They are simpler to use: Although all bikes require pedalling for forward movement, bikes with only front suspension are lighter and more efficient than those with double suspension.
  • They’re more resistant and durable: No unnecessary shock absorbers that need care or maintenance.
  • They’re more versatile: This type of bicycle can be used for both downhill mountain biking and as well as for riding long distances. You will be able to experience many different riding situations thanks to its great versatility.

Shopping Criteria

Nowadays there is a great variety of brands and models when it comes to mountain bikes. Having so many varieties and options to choose from can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. In the following section we will explain what characteristics to look for in a mountain bike to ensure you make a long lasting purchase.

  • Frame
  • Wheels
  • Forks
  • Brakes
  • Gears
  • Tyres
  • Suspension


The frames are usually a standard style for beginner and amateur bicycles. The difference therefore lies in the assembly and components. Each brand of mountain bike has its own frame design that will vary in one way or another. There are two key factors to consider when it comes to choosing a bike frame:

  • The standover height: This is the distance from the ground to the top of the top tube of the frame. The bigger, the better, but you must still be able to touch the ground with your feet.
  • Design: The bike should have a more relaxed geometry (with a more open steering angle).


The ideal wheel size for M, L and XL bikes is 29”, while for S and XS mountain bikes, the size of the wheel should be 27.5”. This is because smaller wheels are lighter, so they are more suitable for smaller cyclists. If you want to start with downhill mountain biking or performing jumps, you should also choose a smaller wheel.


These are one of the most important elements of your mountain bike as they are a cushioning element. Below we explain what models of forks are available on the market to decide which is best suited to your needs.

Fork Features
Suntour XCM They are the most basic level of forks and will not last long
RockShox XC 30 They are very good quality and offer great reliability and resistance
Air fork They are high quality and lightweight forks
RockShox Recon Gold They are made from aluminum (lighter than those of steel).
These are the most professional forks available

The best decision to make when starting mountain biking is to choose from the second fork category onwards (RockShox or higher). If you cannot find any of the models mentioned above, it’s a good idea to try to find out what the equivalents models are.


Only disc brakes and hydraulic brakes are worth investing in as these allow you to stop suddenly if required without skidding. Good disk or hydraulic brakes also relieve pressure from your hands as they are far more sensitive that other braking mechanisms. The most common brands of mountain bike brakes are Tektro and Shimano.

Inspiration Outdoors AustraliaAustralian Outdoor Blog

“Mountain biking is a form of moving meditation where you have to be focused on riding, being in the moment to avoid injuries and get the most out of the experience”.


With a mountain bike, the crank and the pedals that makes it possible for us to move forward by using our legs to provide the additional force. With mountain bikes, they use gears depending on the terrain that changes the resistance of the crank. Gears on a mountain bike are sometimes referred to as ‘speeds’. The ideal gear system for a beginner level mountain bike is 2×10 or 1×11.


Often, the tires that come standard with our first bike are replaced immediately for better ones. The important thing to remember if you want to fit new tyres to your mountain bike is choose tyres that are multi-purpose and have a solid tread. Buying tyres from previous years is a good way to reduce the cost, as the design rarely changes between years.


The function of suspension is to protect the contact of the wheel with the imperfections of the ground (such as rocks, holes, bumps or tree roots). The suspension of your mountain bike must be carefully selected, because a quality suspension improves the comfort level and a poor quality suspension makes mountain biking very uncomfortable.


There are so many designs and models of mountain bikes that when it comes to choosing, there are several factors that need to be taken into account. The fundamental decision is being clear on the intended use of the bike, as this will determine a number of elements, such as the frame material, suspension and forks, among other aspects.

You must be realistic and clear on what type of terrain you will ride your mountain bike, because the more difficult the terrain, the higher the quality the components will need to be. You should keep in mind that your bike will likely cross forests, climb mountains and ride on rocky terrain, so a well designed bike with quality parts will be a worthwhile investment.

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